Senchou, ketchups and Gourmet sauces

A passion for Quality, the culture of Taste!

Senchou offers you a range of natural Premium Ketchups, tasty sauces and condiments, our products are made in our workshops in Lorp-Sentaraille in Ariège.

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SENCHOU Ketchups and sauces are here to accompany all moments shared with others for the best tasting experiences.

Histoire Senchou

The Senchou story


It all began in 1891 at Casseneuil in the South-West. The family-owned company produces and develops premium fruit and vegetable canning, jams, condiments and sauces.

The Compagnie des Pyrénées [Pyrenees Company] based in the French department of Ariege for more than 30 years inherited its unique know-how. In the workshops, you can find precious ketchup recipes simmering away that have been handed down over generations.

Ketchup Senchou

Senchou a Premium range dedicated to foodies and pros: Ketchups, sauces, condiments


Aquitaine tomato ketchup, Espelette chilli pepper ketchup or cayenne pepper ketchup, carrot ketchup, beetroot ketchup, BBQ sauce or the famous smoked oak wood ketchup. Senchou sauces accompany the simplest everyday dishes as well as the trendiest culinary creations: roasts, French potatoes or sweet potato fries, vegetarian or vegan dishes, tacos, Healthy Food, streetfood or fusion cuisine, etc.

Ingrédients Senchou

Naturally delicious!


No preservatives, no thickeners, gluten-free


Our ketchup and condiments are prepared with the best ingredients, that are rigorously selected. Thanks to naturally sweet vegetables such as beetroot, carrot or onion, we strongly limit the sugar content in our products.

To obtain this inimitable and authentic taste, the ingredients are simmered slowly, just long enough to preserve all their organoleptic qualities. Our ketchups and condiments are prepared with only simple and natural products such as crushed tomato, red pepper, Espelette chilli pepper, subtle mixtures of spices, laurel, etc.

Engagements Senchou



Uncompromising on quality, we select only the best ingredients and choose short distribution channels for our raw materials: tomatoes from Aquitaine, carrots from Landes, etc.

We have developed special lines of communication with our producers. This collaboration allows us to accurately and regularly monitor crops and the maturity of fruit and vegetables to create high quality products.