Our Brand Senchou

  • 1891

    In Casseneuil in the South-West of France, Marcel SENCHOU began producing and developing a range of tinned Premium fruit and vegetables.


  • 1920

    The SENCHOU company grows rapidly, distributing its products throughout France and developing exports.

  • 1925

    Marcel’s sons (Jacques and Jean) began taking the reins of the company, continuing to innovate with jams and fruit in syrup.


  • 1989

    LA PATELIERE takes over the “fruit in syrup” division of SENCHOU (Vetillard), as well as a large number of manufacturing secrets, including the very popular, Ketchup.

  • 2018

    LA PATELIERE takes ownership over La Compagnie des Pyrénées in Lorp-Sentaraille, a company specialising in the manufacturing of jams, sauces, ketchups, etc. LA PATELIERE relaunches the SENCHOU brand.

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